A Brand New Interface


NOTE: All WebsiteAlive accounts will be AUTOMATICALLY UPGRADED before 12/31/2013. To test the interfaces, feel free to log into our Preview Demo Account. Also, we can provide you a fully-functional test account for your organization, just contact us at vip@websitealive.com.

New for 2014 – Completely redesigned look and feel for WebsiteAlive Operator and Administrator Interfaces.

Console 1.5 is the update name which refers to the re-skinning of user interfaces to bring you a fresh, new usability. Implementing the principles of Flat-UI (clean buttons & layouts found in iOS7 and Windows 8) and  Dieter Rams‘ minimalism and utility, we’ve not only given WebsiteAlive a new form, but a much better function.

Compatibility: The new interface is compatible with the same browsers and Desktops used by the current, “Classic” version of WebsiteAlive. So, IE8 and above, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.


Operator Console Preview
New icons, cleaner layout, and improved usability with Flat-UI are present. Using the new Glyphicons library, we add visual elements to the consoles.


Administrator Console Preview
Utilizing a new “accordian” style menu, we’ve minimized the visible list of items which allows you to focus on a group at a time. Since also we are providing multiple types of communication applications, we’ve separated settings accordingly (AliveChat, AliveDial, AliveTracker, AliveMessage).


Tool Tips Everywhere
We’ve cleaned up interfaces considerably by removing instructions which were directly visible in the panels, and moved them to tool tips. If you click on an item with an underline, the tool tip with detailed instructions are found on the right, now only visible when you need them.

Operator Profiles & Avatars

A new gallery of Operator Profile avatars are available for you to use. This feature set once available to Pro and Pro+ users is now available to all WebsiteAlive users! If you want to upload your own photo, you can still do that as well.


An Entirely Better Experience

By making the aesthetic and functional improvements, we’re making WebsiteAlive easier to use, and also more pleasing to work with day in and day out. If you have any suggestions, please let us know by dropping us an email at vip@websitealive.com.

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