AliveTracker Update Summer 2016


We’d like to inform you about some updates to the AliveTracker code used on your web site. The AliveTracker code allows you to monitor Visitors as they navigate through your web site, and also send pop up invitations to chat. Most clients use Version 1 of the AliveTracker code, and if you’ve added AliveTracker code recently, you may have added Version 3.

Version 1 (legacy) Code will be automatically upgraded to Version 3 Code

On 7/31/2016, all AliveTracker Code on web sites utilizing legacy code will be automatically transitioned to Version 3. This transition will be seamless, and nothing needs to be done on your web site. AliveTracker v3 requires Jquery 1.4.1 or higher:

  • If you do not have Jquery installed on your web site, AliveTracker will automatically load the Jquery library on your web site.
  • If you have a version of Jquery below 1.4.1, AliveTracker will not try to update your library, it will not continue to load or run.
  • If you have Jquery 1.4.1 or newer, then AliveTracker v3 will work with no issues (and will not update Jquery).

Version 3 Code:

  • fixes the slow loading issues found in the legacy code.
  • fixes bugs and reliability issues found in the legacy code.
  • allows you to use URL Patterns to set as triggers instead of needing to ‘tag’ pages from the Operator Console for each page you want to be a trigger. Basically, just using a pattern like ‘/home’ will let you use that as a trigger.
  • allows more granular customization of the Dock icon and Chat Window placement for embedded chats. For example, you can customize the close button and position where the embed icon shows up.
  • is optimized for mobile web sites – we’ll be adding more features to let you customize your user’s mobile experience even more.

Ok… How Does This Impact My Site?

Although we do not anticipate any disruptions to your web site from the transition, we do recommend you fully test your site to make sure it works properly.

  • Option 1 (requires code change on your web site): Install AliveTracker v3 Code on your site. Log in as Administrator, then go to Basics -> Websites, Code & Customize:
  • Option 2 (no code change on your web site needed): Contact our tech team at and we can coordinate a manual backend switch of your code to run on AliveTracker v3.

Proactive Pop-Ups & Triggers Disabled on Mobile Views

We’ve had complaints from users which use Proactive Pop-Ups on mobile browsers. If a Proactive Pop-Up occurs on a smaller screen, it blocks much of the viewing area, which prevents proper functioning of the web site for mobile users.

This affects clients who have a responsive web site and use the same AliveTracker code for all resolutions.

Effective immediately, for users of AliveTracker v3 code, Proactive Pop-Ups will not appear on web sites which have a width of 500px or less (most mobile browsers). This means in the AliveTracker monitor, you may see visitors in ‘browsing’ state which normally would be ‘invited’ since now the Proactive Pop-Up does not fire on smaller screens. Note this may also affect your Proactive Trends metrics as you may see a lower engagement rate. Overall, this change will have a positive impact and not disrupt mobile users from browsing your site.

Originally, Proactive Pop-Ups were designed for Desktops in mind. As an alternative to Proactive Pop-Ups on mobile, we suggest using Embedded icons (if you have not already), which show up on all screens.

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