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Simply Making the “Chat Now” Option More Noticeable Than an 800 Number Will Cause More Consumers to Naturally Move Toward Your Product

One thing the Internet didn’t do away with is the demand for customer service.  Some early e-retailing visionaries saw a huge opportunity,  a brave-new-Internet retail world where customers didn’t need to talk to retailers; that hasn’t happened. And, so, the challenge to online retailers has been how to fill customers’ …

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Online Retail Businesses are Booming Thanks to Live Chat

Live chat has become such an essential tool for online retail businesses as users find it more trustworthy due to the human contact aspect.  We are creatures of habit and we, as consumers, have grown impatient.  We want a quick fix whether it’s food we are after (fast food) or …

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Go Social By Adding AliveChat To Your Facebook Fan Page!

Add Live Chat To Your Fanpages! We want to help your business go social! WebsiteAlive now integrates easily into your Facebook Fanpages.

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How Live Chat Software Can Improve Your Website Experience

When people visit your website, they may be looking for something specific. If they cannot find exactly what they are looking for quickly, most will click off of your website and move onto a competitor’s website. The fact is, live chat software can enhance your website in a number of …

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How To Turn Live Chats Into Sales

Live chat is simple to explain and simple to use. But have you thought about all the different ways you can deploy it to increase sales on your website? When your sales organization uses chat to its maximum potential, site visitors turn into customers and customers turn into product evangelists.


10 Best Practices For Live Chat

According to a 2013 article by Forrester Research, published in Forbes magazine, annual online retail sales in the United States are quickly closing in on the $300-billion-per-year mark. The 2013 figure was expected to top the previous year’s by 13%. Not only that, but more than 400,000 people in the …

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WebsiteAlive Live Chat Buyer’s Guide

If you are reading this page, then chances are that you probably already know that it makes economic sense to implement live chat as a way to enhance the level of service that you are able to provide to your website visitors. Live chat helps businesses cut customer service costs …


Why Click-to-Call is a Crucial Ingredient in e-Commerce Strategy

If you read our blog regularly, you understand why you absolutely can’t do e-commerce without live chat. When you’re trying to make your customers happy and encourage them to buy your products, communication is key. Whatever way they want to reach you, it should be available and easy to use. …

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No Exceptions! Why eCommerce Sites Should Always Offer Live Chat

  Repeat after us: there’s no e-commerce without live chat!

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Why we switched to Silicon Valley Bank

In 2014, WebsiteAlive chose a new banking partner: Silicon Valley Bank. We’d been with Wells Fargo for seven or eight years, and we couldn’t shake the feeling that we were just a set of numbers on a ledger to them. Worse yet, it was becoming increasingly apparent that they didn’t …