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Ironman team seeks contributions to fight RSV, a lung infection that can be deadly in infants

From WebsiteAlive’s point of view, the Houston-based gym known as nonameFit ( is family. Twice over.

For one thing, nonameFit is a client—an enthusiastic user of WebsiteAlive’s click-to-chat and click-to-call technologies. For another, one of NonameFit’s founders, Eric Yu, is the brother of WebsiteAlive co-founder Dustin Yu.

Like many here at WebsiteAlive, Eric and his colleague Casey Leung are sports-obsessed. They trained for their first Ironman (an endurance triathlon consisting of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride, and a marathon, all back to back) together in 2011. Pretty soon, friends started asking them for advice about exercise, training, and nutrition. That’s how NonameFit came to be.

“It was a grassroots response from our peers and friends,” says Eric. “So we sat down, talked business, and said, ‘Let’s start something where we can do workouts on the weekends at the track.’ It kind of just grew from there.”

The gym’s irreverent motto, “Endure the Suck,” has become a touchpoint, not just for their endurance training (there’s a whole lot of suckage in a triathlon, it turns out), but for life in general. “It’s about putting your best effort and having a positive attitude,” Eric explains. “It’s the type of mantra that we hope to grow with and move forward with in the future.”

As of this writing, NonameFit has just signed the lease on its new facility, a warehouse space in east downtown Houston. That’s exciting news. But even that isn’t as all-consuming as the Ironman they’re training for on May 17 in The Woodlands, Texas. Every Ironman is intense, but this one is extra special because it’s for a very good cause.

This year, the gym’s five-person Ironman team will race in support of Love for Griffin, a campaign to raise medical research funds for the New Orleans Children’s Hospital. Love for Griffin is named in memory of Griffin Francis-James Everman, a baby boy born prematurely to a cousin of NonameFit member Rachel Miller. Griffin’s lungs were underdeveloped at birth, and he caught a virus called Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and was unable to fight it off. He died in January 2014, only a month old.

RSV is a common lung infection. Most otherwise healthy people recover from it in a week or two. But the infection can become severe in premature infants, newborns, children younger than two who were born with heart or lung disease, or people with compromised immune systems. Griffin’s family set up Love for Griffin to take donations for RSV research, so that the New Orleans Children’s Hospital can learn more about the virus and prevent more children from dying of it.

WebsiteAlive is one of the team’s sponsors. And we highly encourage you—yes, you!—to join us in supporting this worthy cause. To donate, visit the Love for Griffin website ( All proceeds go to fund research.

“We have a goal of getting $10,000 in donations, and we’re 70 percent there,” Eric says. “We’re trying to get there by Ironman time, and if we do get there, Griffin gets a plaque at the New Orleans Children’sHospital. It would mean so much to his family.”

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