How To Turn Live Chats Into Sales

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Live chat is simple to explain and simple to use. But have you thought about all the different ways you can deploy it to increase sales on your website? When your sales organization uses chat to its maximum potential, site visitors turn into customers and customers turn into product evangelists.

1. Anticipate visitors’ needs and offer solutions

With site monitoring, you can keep track of site visitors as they browse from page to page. Maybe they’ve added a product to their basket. Maybe they’ve just taken a look at your “About Us” page. By watching visitor behaviors, your chat agents can follow the hottest leads. They can initiate a manual chat invitation and be ready to answer the customer’s most pressing questions.

2. Initiate chat when and where conversions are most likely to happen

We recommend that you make chat available from all the major pages of your website. But consider going one step further in your online store or catalog, or anywhere site visitors have the ability to buy something.  That’s where you’ll get your best results with proactive chat: a window actually popping up and starting a conversation with your guest.

A moment ago, we talked about using visitors’ behaviors to anticipate their needs. Many businesses like to wait to trigger a proactive chat until a visitor’s behaviors indicate they’re looking for guidance—clicking back and forth, lingering on the page, and so on. This is called rule-based chat. By arriving on the scene at the perfect time to answer their question, you can help them decide on a purchase.

3. Give a demonstration of your product

When you’re engaged in chat with a customer, you can embed a link to a product demo or video to help explain a product’s best features. Of course, you can always embed a demo in your site, but the customer is much more likely to watch it if you guide them to it personally.

4. Upsell and cross-sell products and services

If you open a chat box when a site visitor has items in their shopping cart, it gives you an opportunity to mention a higher-end product that might represent a better value for their needs. You can also recommend complementary products. It’s pretty much the exact same process a salesperson would go through in a brick-and-mortar establishment: “Hi! Did you see that the price of the item goes down when you buy ten or more?” “Just so you know, the seats in section B have much better visibility, and they don’t cost much more.” “I don’t know if you noticed, but there’s a scarf that matches these mittens.”

5. Offer redemptions, promotions, and discounts

When a customer reaches the checkout process, it’s a great time for a representative to initiate a chat to let them know about special promotions. Maybe there’s free shipping for any purchase above a certain amount. Maybe a warranty is available. Perhaps you offer a first-time buyer discount. A little bit of personal interaction ensures that the visitor gets the best deal, and that leads to long-term loyalty.

6. Initiate chat through e-mail

Did you know that you can embed a link to online chat in an e-mail? Recipients can click the link and instantly be talking with your sales team. The automated e-mails that you send after someone purchases merchandise can include a chat link to speak to a representative. This heads off questions about products or shipping times and makes communication more convenient for both you and your customer. You’ll see the difference in your call center wait times, and the customer will be glad to avoid the on-hold music.

7. Initiate chat through online advertising, PR, and social media

You can place chat links just about anywhere: in press releases, in banner ads, in Twitter and Facebook posts. In particular, our customers have discovered innovative ways to initiate chat in social media, turning Twitter conversations into conversions with the click of a mouse. All it takes is an embedded link, and you’re talking one-on-one with a potential customer. This is what social media was meant to be: a truly interactive place to exchange ideas.

8. Use feedback to understand the customer experience

Our customizable post-chat surveys give you instant insight into which customer service tactics work and which don’t. You can use the information you gather to train new employees and improve the performance of the staffers you already have.

9. Use your employees’ expertise efficiently

With chat transfer, you can route a chat in progress to the representative best equipped to handle a customer’s question. You can also create multiple departments for your organization and designate which operator will field requests in each department. No more hemming and hawing—your customers’ time is valuable, and so is yours.

If you’re ready to take your online customer service to the next level, contact WebsiteAlive’s sales team. If you aren’t yet a client, we’ll have you up and running in a flash. If you are a client, we’ll help you put these suggestions into practice and optimize your chat usage so it generates even more conversions. Let’s make it happen!

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