Microsoft Dynamics Integration



AliveChat Now Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

*Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 only


Agents can now:

– Search your Microsoft Dynamics CRM during a chat session to see if that person already exists.

– Create a new Lead or Account from right within the Operator Console. The chat session transcript will be attached to the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM object as an activity.

– If there is an existing Lead or Account found in MS Dynamics, you can attach the chat session transcript as an activity.

To get started with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for AliveChat, you will need a MS Dynamics CRM 365 account. Go to WebsiteAlive and login as an Administrator, then click on Basics -> Apps & Add-Ons, then MS Dynamics.

Click on “AliveChat Managed Solution for MS Dynamics” to download the managed solution package. Then go to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 Account and login with your Admin account. Go to Settings > Customization > Solutions and press Import to upload the managed solution “”. This will add the AliveChat activity section to the Account and Leads in your MS Dynamics CRM instance.

Once the package is installed, switch back to the WebsiteAlive Admin console. Enter the credentials for your MS Dynamics CRM account and then press “Test Connection”. You should receive a “Success” message.

Now sign in as an Operator, start a chat and click on the MS Dynamics icon to the right of the “Guest” name. This will bring up a new panel on the right for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which allows you to  search and create new Leads or Accounts as needed.

Once the chat ends, and you were able to create a new Lead/Account or attach the chat to an existing Lead/Account. You should now be able to see the chat session transcript in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 console. Go to Sales > Leads.

There you can click on the new Lead and the chats will be saved under AliveChat

When you click into a chat, you get the full details of the chat conversation:

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Operator Profile Avatars & Visitor Sound Notifications

2014 is here and we’ve started it off with an icy blast of some cool new feature updates! You spoke and we listened. This past month our team worked long hours despite all the holiday traffic, countless weather challenges, and many overstuffed family dinners to bring you a refreshed WebsiteAlive interface.

A Brand New Interface

NOTE: All WebsiteAlive accounts will be AUTOMATICALLY UPGRADED before 12/31/2013. To test the interfaces, feel free to log into our Preview Demo Account. Also, we can provide you a fully-functional test account for your organization, just contact us at

Desktop for Windows Update

We’ve released an update for Desktop for Windows. This entirely new version addresses many issues found in the previous versions of Windows Desktop, such as sounds and pop-ups not working properly.