Mobile Chat Now Through SMS


Accepting chat requests on mobile phone has never been easier. No app to download – works on any phone with SMS and a mobile browser (US/Canada only).

Log into Operator Console

To set up, log into your Operator Console. Go to your Settings (top right), then click on ‘Mobile Access’.

Set Up Your Mobile Text Messaging

Now, enter your 10-digit mobile phone number:

Answer Chats

Once set up, you should receive a text message whenever you get a new chat:


Respond to Customers

Then, click on the link embedded in the SMS, it will open up an AliveChat session:

Use Hotkeys

You can also use Hotkeys – saved canned phrases to use to reduce typing. To search a specific keyword, enter the keyword in the chat message box, and click ‘Search Hotkeys’.

Happy Chatting!

If you have any issues, or would like to send us feedback, please email