Operator Profile Avatars & Visitor Sound Notifications


2014 is here and we’ve started it off with an icy blast of some cool new feature updates! You spoke and we listened. This past month our team worked long hours despite all the holiday traffic, countless weather challenges, and many overstuffed family dinners to bring you a refreshed WebsiteAlive interface.

Today, we’d like to show you another update that will be sure to WOW your customers’ experience.

Operator Profile Avatars

A sleek new gallery of Operator Profile avatars are available for you to use. This feature set, once available only to Pro and Pro+ users, is now available to ALL WebsiteAlive users! So go ahead, give your site visitors more than a name when they are chatting with you by choosing your avatar today! If you want to upload your own photo, you can still do that as well.



  • Operators: Pick your avatar by logging into the Operator Console, then click on your name at the top right (settings), then go to “Account & Profile”.
  • Administrators: Log in as Administrator, then go to “Basics -> Websites, Code & Customization”, then customize the web site you’d like to allow this for (click on blue ‘Customize’ button at the far right). Under ‘Global Settings’, click on ‘Modules’.

Visitor Sound Notification

A sound icon will now automatically appear on all Visitor Chat Windows for your account (you can also disable this in the Administrator Console). While engaged in a chat, the visitor will hear an audible sound each time the Operator replies. WooHoo! No more delayed responses from your visitors (or forgotten, minimized chat windows), which draws out your chats, because it took them a few minutes to realize that you replied to their message! They can also disable sound by clicking on the speaker icon.

Note: Visitor sound requires Adobe Flash. If visitor does not have Flash installed, the speaker icon will not show up. In the future, we are researching alternatives to Flash.

To disable/enable and also change the sound Visitors hear, please log in as an Administrator:

  • As an Administrator, go to “Basics -> Websites, Code & Customization”, then customize the web site you’d like to update (click on blue ‘Customize’ button at the far right). Under ‘Global Settings’, click on ‘Other’. Scroll down to ‘Visitor Sound’ and modify the changes there.

Happy Chatting!

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