Our New Plans and Pricing


We’re streamlining our product offerings with new plans, new features, and new pricing.

Today, on April 21st, 2015 we’ve launched our new web site, and re-branded and consolidated our AliveChat line of products (Lite, Pro, Pro+)  into 2 versions – AliveChat and AliveChat Plus. This also marks the beginning of an exciting new era for WebsiteAlive.

In 2014, AliveConcierge was born, and since then has been gaining ground, and we plan to expand our software capabilities and staffing team to help more businesses capture leads 24/7. In Q1 2015, we’ve launched AliveSocial, a Hootsuite integration which allows you to engage your social followers to chat and create new opportunities. Later in 2015 we’ll be introducing AliveSecure, a PCI-compliant method of capturing payment information seamlessly in a chat – creating a conversion rate 3x the industry standard.

In our efforts to stay competitive, deliver new features, create innovative solutions, and provide better customer experiences, changes and shifts in our products and pricing were necessary. We value your business, and thank you for being a WebsiteAlive customer. With these product and pricing changes, we also want existing customers to experience the additional features for 12 months for no additional charge.

Details and Timelines for the Update

Customers signing up after April 21st, 2015 will be subjected to the new pricing on our web site.

For existing customers before April 21st, 2015, new features will be immediately available in their AliveChat account as explained below. Pricing will not change for existing customers for 12 months, or until 5/1/2016.

After May 1st, 2016, any customers on the legacy pricing (Lite, Pro, Pro+) will have their accounts decreased/increased to a corresponding plan.

What does this mean for you?

As an existing client, you’re grandfathered in for the next 12 months. That’s means your current pricing will not change until 5/1/2016 – while you enjoy new features for 12 months at no extra charge.

AliveChat LITE customers: AliveChat Lite will become AliveChat. You’ll immediately start enjoying the additional functionality of a Co-Chat, and Operator Profile Avatars for 12 months at no extra charge.

Chat Monitoring (Co-Chat) is the ability for any Operator to join in on another Operator’s chat session to monitor or chat publicly with the other Operator and Customer, or privately to other Operators. This is very useful for training and monitoring purposes, and also just collaborating to solve customer issues.

To enable this, log in as an Administrator -> AliveChat -> Settings -> Operator Functions -> Chat Monitoring. As an Operator, view the AliveTracker, and click on an ongoing chat. You should be brought into the chat as a 3rd party.

Operator Profile Avatars allow you to add a personal touch to your Visitor chat windows. You can use one of our Avatars, or upload your own photo.

To enable this, log in as an Administrator -> Basics -> Websites, Code & Customize -> Customize button -> Global Settings -> Modules -> Operator Profile (enable it). Then, within each Operator Console -> Settings -> Account & Profile -> Operator Photo

AliveChat PRO customers: You will be automatically upgraded to AliveChat+. You’ll immediately start enjoying the additional functionality of a full Reporting Suite, and Screen Sharing via Screenleap for 12 months at no extra charge.

To start using reporting, just log into Administrator -> Reports.

AliveChat PRO+ customers: AliveChat Pro+ will become AliveChat+. You’ll immediately start enjoying the additional functionality of Screen sharing via Screenleap for 12 months at no extra charge.

To enable Screen Sharing, please contact us at vip@websitealive.com.


If you have any questions about our new products or pricing, please don’t hesitate to reach out via sales@websitealive.com.

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