Disconnected Operator Accounts in Google Chrome Browser

Recently, a Google Chrome update which may cause some AliveChat browser users to disconnect after some time. This is related to Google Chrome putting inactive tabs to “sleep” in order to save system resources.

If you are encountering this issue, here are some solutions:

Solution #1: Download our Desktop App for Windows or Mac

This eliminates the need for your Agents to log in through www.websitealive.com, and directly through a shortcut on your desktop.

Link: https://www.websitealive.com/downloads

Solution #2: Chrome Extension (AliveChat)


Using this extension, anytime you log into AliveChat, the tab you are using will be kept ‘alive’ and fixing the log out issue.

Solution #3: To keep using Google Chrome Browser

Make sure you are logged into your Operator Console session.

In the Chrome address/URL bar, type, or copy/paste: chrome://flags/#automatic-tab-discarding

You will see:

Make sure this setting is ‘Disabled’. It will prompt you to restart the browser.

This will keep this tab (and others) always “alive” and should not disconnect your session. Note: This may use up more system resources since you are allowing all your Chrome tabs to run in the background.


Solution #4: Try a different browser, such as Firefox, or Safari

Since this issue is in Google Chrome, other browsers should not have this problem.



If you continue to have issues with disconnect, please email us at vip@websitealive.com.

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