Vein Clinics of America Speeds Responsiveness and Client Resolution with AliveConcierge



About Vein Clinics

Vein Clinics is the largest medical group in the country specializing exclusively in vein disease treatment. Established in 1981, the network physicians of Vein Clinics of America believe that pursuing excellence in the treatment of vein disorders requires a full-time commitment.


The Challenge

As an organization providing medical procedures for vein conditions, Vein Clinicswas always on the lookout for ways to convert casual inquirers to paying clients. Their website showcased their services, and they offered an 800 number. But because this type of surgery is often a private subject, many people were reluctant to call. The calls that did come in often resulted in time-consuming conversations without client conversions.


The Solution

Vein Clinicsstarted using live chat to help drive better responsiveness and faster client resolution, but they soon realized their chat reps often lacked the proper training to close business efficiently. That’s when they turned to AliveConcierge, WebsiteAlive’s 24/7 professional chat answering service.

The chat teams for Vein Clinics were built from WebsiteAlive’s vast pool of chat sales and support talent. They were trained on how to respond to different types of medical inquiries, how to pass on certain leads to sales teams, and how to schedule clients directly. At first,chat was used only for after-hours customer service, but it was so successful that the group decided to roll out the chat function full-time so they could engage with visitors professionally at all hours of the day.



Vein Clinicsbegan with a passivechat button on their website, but that meant that their success depended on visitors taking the initiative to click. They shifted gears and moved to a proactive chat approach, where a chat invitation pops up after 30 seconds and two clicks, asking if the visitor would like assistance. Proactive chat has resulted in a 300% increase in leads. With AliveConcierge, workforce resources are freed up to focus on what they do best: finding the best medical service for their clients and helping them through the process.



  • Uses AliveConcierge to manage chats professionally and free up customer service resources
  • Proactive chat increased leads by 300%
  • Improves responsiveness to online visitors and speeds client resolution



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