WebsiteAlive is Now Integrated With Screenleap


WebsiteAlive is now integrated with Screenleap ( Screenleap is the fastest and simplest way to share your screen to any device. If a picture is worth a thousand words, real-time screen sharing is worth a thousand words times infinity!


Faster Launch Times and Improved Reliability


Compared to our previous screen sharing provider, Screenleap offers a much faster and more reliable experience for both Operator and Visitor. Previously, to launch screen sharing, it would take 1-2 minutes. Often times there were issues with launching the applet. With Screenleap, we’ve seen launch times of less than 5 seconds and much better reliability.


2-Way Desktop Sharing


Operators can request the Visitor to share their screen or vice versa. This flexibility allows each parties to see what the other is looking at, so you’re no longer limited to just seeing just the Visitor’s screen.

Why share screens?

Oftentimes you’re chatting or engaged in a click-to-call phone call with a chatter, and whatever they do, whether it’s explain in chat or on the phone, you have no earthly idea what they are referring to and what they’re looking at. Voilà, with a click of a button, your Agents can prompt the chatter to show their Desktop within a few seconds. Suddenly, it’s a whole new world of possibilities as you see exactly what they are looking at in real time. On the flip side, if your Agent wants to show how to work something – for example, how to set up a widget, the Agent can show their screen and let the chatter watch. You’ll be surprised how much miscommunication  happens when both parties just assume and don’t see the actual thing. Now, issues can be resolved in a fraction of the time. Isn’t the interwebs great?


What’s the difference between the old and the new versions of screen sharing?

Although you are getting the benefits of the new experience, there’s no longer the ability to control the desktop of the other user (found in LiveLook). Because Screenleap focuses on pure screen sharing speed and reliability, it does not include desktop control. We found that for most people, getting screen sharing to work smoothly was a much bigger issue than needing to control a screen remotely.


How do I get it?

You can easily purchase this in your shopping cart. Log in as an Administrator, then click on ‘Upgrades & Invoices’ at the top. Once you launch the Shopping Cart, see ‘Add Options’ and ‘Screen Sharing’. You can also call us at 1-888-696-4513 x1 or chat with us. If you already have Screen Sharing but still see the older version (LiveLook), in the next few days your account will be automatically upgraded to Screenleap.


How does licensing work?

Each screen sharing license is based on concurrent usage. For example, if you have one screen sharing license and many operators wanting to use it, it can only be used by one operator at a time. You can always purchase more concurrent licenses if you need them.

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NOTE: All WebsiteAlive accounts will be AUTOMATICALLY UPGRADED before 12/31/2013. To test the interfaces, feel free to log into our Preview Demo Account. Also, we can provide you a fully-functional test account for your organization, just contact us at