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Community Involvement


WebsiteAlive clients know Jarrell Liner as our Director of Customer Happiness. They know he’s a font of knowledge, always ready to lend a hand. But what they might not know is that he lends a hand in his free time, too.

Jarrell is a regular weekend volunteer at the Houston Food Bank (, which is the largest food bank in the United States, distributing food to a network of nearly 600 hunger relief charities in 18 southeast Texas counties. Founded in 1982 and named a top charity by Charity Navigator, the organization feeds more than 137,000 people each week.

Volunteer work isn’t new for Jarrell. He started pitching in at various organizations during college because it was a requirement for his fraternity. But he quickly fell in love with it and began volunteering of his own accord.

“I think it’s good to give back, no matter where you’re at in life,” he says. “So it’s something I just kind of picked up and implemented into my life.”

Jarrell works as part of a well-coordinated team. He’s stationed along an assembly line in a giant packaging warehouse, opening boxes and crates of donated food and sorting it into categories. It’s a fast-paced intense environment, with 200 to 300 people constantly moving to an upbeat soundtrack of oldies music.

At the end of a four-hour shift, the coordinators from the Houston Food bank let the the volunteers know how many boxes they packaged and how many lives they affected. Jarrell says on his most recent shift, the volunteers aided more than 12,000 Houstonians.

“There’s a very large need,” he says. “Of course, we’re the fourth largest city in America, with four or five million people here. But you really don’t see how many people are in need when you’re just out moving around. Normally, when I go, the boxes we pack are distributed to the elderly. You’d be surprised to learn how many people stranded at home, unable to go to the grocery store just to get the basics, the necessities that they need in life.”

To join Jarrell Liner as a Houston Food Bank volunteer, click here (

To make an individual donation, visit the organization’s web site to make a monetary pledge, join a food drive, or buy a prepackaged bag of groceries in any Houston-area store that participates in the food bank’s Red Barrel program.

Companies seeking to become corporate sponsors of the Houston Food Bank can contact Paula McKenzie at 713-547-8642 or

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